ZINSSER Skid Tex ST30 Non Skid Additive for Paint

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Why you’ll love it

  • Exclusive uniquely formulated non skid additive for paint
  • Prevents slips and falls
  • Will not change color of paint
  • Perfect for ramps, walkways and anywhere a non skid surface is needed
SKID-TEX ST30 Non-Skid Additive is an exclusive, uniquely formulated, non-skid additive for paint. Developed to prevent slips and falls and easily mixes with paint for application.  Can be added to interior and exterior coatings.  Applies with roller or brush as easy as if applying regular paint.  Skid Tex is ideal for use with washrooms, floors, patios, marine use, pool decks, stairways, ramps, ladders and walkways.  Skid Tex will not change the color or the performance properties of the paint.

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