Muralo Ultra-Tred Waterborne Satin Enamel 100% waterborne epoxy satin enamel

Photo for Muralo Ultra-Tred Waterborne Satin Enamel

Why you’ll love it

  • Interior 2 Component Waterborne Satin Finish
  • Available in Bases, Silver Gray & Almond
  • Each kit contains Part A and Part B to be mixed together
  • Great for Garage Floors and Basements
  • Easy to apply and low VOC

A high performance, catalyzed 100% Waterborne Epoxy Coating with super diamond-hard, tile-like, satin finish. Its abrasion, chemical, solvent and water resistance properties are substantially superior to that of a typical water based acrylic epoxy. Its low VOC and low odor makes it an ideal alternative wherever the performance of solvent based epoxy is required. It may be applied over conventional finishes without lifting or wrinkling.

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