GACO Tape Pressure Sensitive Seam Sealing Tape

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Why you’ll love it

  • Self adhesive seam tape for Gaco Roof
  • Use for seams, joints, flashings, fasteners
  • Fast and easy to apply
  • Puncture and tear resistant
  • Highly resistant to UV rays and ponding water
  • Excellent for RV's and mobile homes
  • Available in 2" x 50' rolls

Bridges openings like cracks, seams, laps, drains, skylights, scuppers etc... in preparation for applying Gaco Roof coatings.  Gaco RoofTape is made of lightly cross linked polymers of butyl and E.P.D.M. rubber coated on fleece backing. Gaco RoofTape maintains its elasticity and splice integrity when subjected to severe ultraviolet rays, thermal shock, ponding water, and extremely low temperatures. Usage: Gaco RoofTape seam sealing tape is pressure sensitive and is intended for sealing seams, fasteners and penetrations before GacoRoof Silicone roof coating is applied.

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