Gaco Western

  • GACO Roof

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    GacoRoof offers long-term waterproofing protection in a bright white reflective silicone coating. With GacoRoof, building owners can coat their roofs with the same long-lasting waterproof coating that professional contractors rely upon.  It is ideal for:  metal roofs, tar and gravel roofs, mobile homes, RV's, Campers and much more....

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  • GACO Shield

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    GacoShield is the same top-quality, durable acrylic coating used by decking professionals. It creates a fully-adhered, durable membrane which expands and contracts along with your deck.

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  • GACO Grip

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    Slip resistant additive for paint and other coatings made from crushed walnut shells

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  • GACO Tape

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    Bridges openings like cracks, seams, laps, drains, skylights, scuppers etc... in preparation for applying Gaco Roof coatings.

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