ZINSSER Odorless Oil-Base Stain Blocker Oil Based Interior White Primer

Photo for ZINSSER Odorless Oil-Base Stain Blocker

Why you’ll love it

  • Seals stains from water, fire and smoke damage
  • Oil-base performance when odor is a concern
  • Non-yellowing, dries flat, sands easily
  • Use with all topcoats
  • VOC compliant sprayable formula

Zinsser Odorless Oil-Base Stain Blocker is a high-solids, low VOC specialty primer for interior use when the stain blocking performance of an oil is required, but odor is a concern. Developed specifically for “people-sensitive” areas in commercial and residential environments, the state-of-the-art sprayable formula has even less odor than most water-base primers.

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