ZINSSER Bulls Eye Water Base Acryilic Resin Interior High-Build Primer-Sealer

Photo for ZINSSER Bulls Eye Water Base

Why you’ll love it

  • Seals Interior porous surfaces in one coat
  • Dries fast to a dead-flat finish
  • Sand easily to a powdery-smooth finish
  • Bonds to glossy surfaces without scuff sanding
  • Binds moderately chalky surfaces
  • Dries in munutes, can be recoated in 1 hour
  • Easy soap and water clean up

Bulls Eye Water Base is Zinsser's new Interior Primer Sealer & Stain Killer.  It dries super fast and has virtually no odor.  It's smooth easy flow properties offer great leveling and it dries to a dead flat finish for excellent ename holdout.  Formulated for painter with high-hid, high adhesion and compatibility with all topcoats.

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