OLD MASTERS Polyurethane Semi Gloss Oil Based Interior Finish

Photo for OLD MASTERS Polyurethane Semi Gloss

Why you’ll love it

  • Clear self leveling finish
  • For bare wood surfaces or stained surfaces
  • Great on cabinets, wood work and furniture
  • Easy to apply
  • Imparts a beautiful sheen to wood surfaces

This interior oil-based finish is fomulated to be our most durable protective finish. This clear, self-leveling polyurethane protects bare or stained wood surfaces such as floors, cabinets, woodwork, funiture or other wood projects a clear, self-leveling polyurethane varnish, provides long-lasting protection on interior wood surfaces such as floors, bars, counters, tabletops, cabinets, wood paneling, and doors. Its superior polyurethane coating can be used on all bare or stained wood types, and is formulated for easy application and quick drying. Old Masters Polyurethane creates a durable finish that will outlast most ordinary varnishes. When cured, it resists impact, abrasion, marring, chipping, alcohol, and water. It is non-toxic when dry and is safe for children’s furniture. No sealer is required when used on new wood. May be applied over previously varnished, lacquered, or stained surfaces which are free of stearates, waxes, silicones, household greases, or other substances which would impair adhesion.

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