OLD MASTERS Lemon Oil Fine Furniture Polish

Photo for OLD MASTERS Lemon Oil

Why you’ll love it

  • Restores beauty to interior surfaces
  • Cleans & protects
  • Resists cracking, peeling & discoloring
  • Does not leave waxy build-up
  • Lemon fresh

Old Masters Lemon Oil restores moisture and beauty to interior surfaces such as wood paneling, cabinets, doors, ranges, refrigerators, marble, tile and fine furniture. A blend of lemon oil and other penetrating oils, replaces natural oils and moisture lost by wood over time. Its non-greasy formula contains no beeswax, linseed oil or silicones to cause buildup or darken wood finishes. It moisturizes as it cleans, eliminating the need for waxes or polish as it helps the wood resist cracking, peeling and discoloring.

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