OLD MASTERS Interior Water Based Polyurethane Gloss Acrylic Interior Gloss Finish

Photo for OLD MASTERS Interior Water Based Polyurethane Gloss

Why you’ll love it

  • Crystal clear, water reducible protective finish
  • Hard, durable finish
  • Low odor, non-yellowing
  • Fast dry
  • Water clean-up

Old Masters Interior Water Based Polyurethane protects the beauty of interior wood surfaces with crystal clear gloss finish. Its super hard finish is tough enough for wood floors, cabinets, doors, furniture, and tabletops. It enhances the beauty of stained and natural wood as it seals and protects, and resists yellowing. Dries quickly with low odor and cleans up easily with water. It outlasts varnishes, lacquer finishes, and polyurethanes. Non-toxic, environmentally friendly.

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