SEVEN’S Endure Ceramic Satin Enamel 9209 Seven's Own Waterbased interior satin finish

Photo for SEVEN’S Endure Ceramic Satin Enamel 9209

Why you’ll love it

  • scrubbable and durable
  • ceramic based satin finish
  • unlimited colors
  • excellent hide
  • easy to apply

Endure Ceramic Satin Acrylic Finish is a high quality paint that dries quickly to a smooth satin finish.  Endure Ceramic Satin flows and levels beautifully and provides long-term durability. Best for new or previously painted wallboard, plaster, masonry and primed or previously painted wood and metal as a finish coat on interior walls, woodwork, playrooms, kitchens, baths and areas where repeated washing and mild scrubbing is necessary. Endure Ceramic Satin is high hiding, spatter resistant and applies easily with very low odor.

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