GRAHAM Aqua Borne Ceramic Satin Interior Finish 532 Ceramic Technology Waterborne interior exterior Satin paint

Photo for GRAHAM Aqua Borne Ceramic Satin Interior Finish 532

Why you’ll love it

  • Absolutely the best paint you can buy
  • Excellent stain & dirt resistance
  • Exceptional washability
  • Exceptional easy application
  • Excellent hide
  • Excellent touch-up
  • No picture-framing or hat-banding
  • Excellent mar resistance
  • Low VOC
  • Very low odor

This water borne interior / exterior acrylic enamel has the durability properties of solvent-based alkyd enamels. Superior to alkyd enamels in dry time, early block resistance and early recoatability. Aqua Borne Ceramic Satin is far superior to alkyd enamels in non-yellowing and alkali resistant characteristics. Outside, Aqua Borne Ceramic Satin Enamel has better gloss and color retention than alkyd enamels.  Low odor and low in VOC's.

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