CORONADO Rust Scat Acrylic Metal Primer 36 Interior Exterior Rust Preventative Coating

Photo for CORONADO Rust Scat Acrylic Metal Primer 36

Why you’ll love it

  • Suitable for Interior and Exterior applications
  • Can be used as a tie coat over zinc rich primers
  • Protects against rust bleed and flash rust
  • Great for galvanized metal
  • Easy to apply and cleans up with soap and water

RUST SCAT Acrylic Metal Primer is a water reducible coating for steel, pre-engineered metal building parts and other steel that is exposed to a normal commercial or residential environment.  It may be used in areas where solvent fumes are a problem or where ecological concerns dictate.  May be top coated with conventional alkyd, oil based and latex type paints.  It may also be used as a tie-coat over zinc rich primers.  Provides protection from rust bleed and flash rust.  An excellent choice for galvanized metal.  Use on interior or exterior steel surfaces such as structural members, steel buildings, tools and machinery.  

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