CORONADO Coro-Bond Super Etch Primer High Performance Interior/Exterior One Component Etching Primer

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Why you’ll love it

  • Interior and Exterior applications
  • Rust inhibitive universal primer
  • Etches and primes in one step
  • Compatible with wide variety of finish coatings including alkyds, acrylics, epoxies and urethanes
  • Can be applied to ferrous  and non ferrous metals


CORO-BOND Super Etch Primer is a one-component etching (wash primer) that may also be used as a rust inhibitive universal primer. This product etches metal to create profile, and then forms a tough, durable epoxy primer film that adheres to common metals. This product may be finish coated with a wide variety of coatings including alkyds, acrylics, epoxies, urethanes and moisture cured urethanes. It may be left uncoated for up to 3 months at 77°F prior to finish coating in interior applications. In exterior applications, if more than 2 weeks elapse, the primer film should be cleaned to remove any chalk that may have formed. This product is lead and chromate free. CORO-BOND Super Etch Primer is a high performance coating specifically designed for application directly to ferrous and non-ferrous metal substrates. It provides corrosion resistance as well as primary adhesion.  

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