BENJAMIN MOORE Super Spec HP Rust Converter Coating P82 Professional Interior / Exterior Acrylic Modified Latex Coating

Photo for BENJAMIN MOORE Super Spec HP Rust Converter Coating P82

Why you’ll love it

  • Converts rust into inert iron complex
  • Long term protection Reduces moisture vapor transmission through coating
  • Low VOC content
  • Safe to use
  • Film forming coating
  • Water thinned
  • Fast dry
  • Two step protection

This water thinned coating is a film forming material that chemically converts rust into a black inert non-corrosive iron complex. This coating provides two step protection in one application. First, it converts tightly adherent rust into a non-rusting black film. Second, it provides corrosion protection against new rust forming. For maximum performance, product should be topcoated. If not topcoated, leaching could occur if exposed to humidity or moisture.  Recommended for equipment, structural steel, lawn furniture, decorative gates, posts and railings, and machinery.

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