SIKKENS Cetol Waterborne SRD Translucent Wood Finish One Coat Exterior Wood Finish

Photo for SIKKENS Cetol Waterborne SRD Translucent Wood Finish

Why you’ll love it

  • Unique acrylic, alkyd waterborne formula
  • Translucent finish
  • UV absorbers and Traslucent Iron Oxide Pigments
  • Excellent microporosity
  • Flexible finish
  • Available in premixed colors including Natural Oak, Dark Oak, Mahogany, Butternut, Cedar, Natural Teak, Natural Light 
  • Also available in custom colors

Cetol Waterborne SRD is a one-coat, waterborne translucent exterior wood finish for use on a variety of wood surfaces. The hybrid formula is designed to give the advantages of both an alkyd and acrylic.  Sikkens Waterborne SRD contains an optimal amount of translucent iron oxide pigments and UV light stabilizers. For use with Sikkens Cetol Waterborne SRD pigments only. This unique waterborne formulation is another example of the advancements central to the Sikkens Next Wave Technology.  For use on wood siding, rails, decks, siding shakes and shingles, outdoor furniture, fences, decks and logs.  Also suitable for use on hardwoods.



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