RYMAR Xtreme Weather Wood Sealer Low VOC Oil Based Wood Sealer

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Why you’ll love it

  • Available in Clear, Nectar, Honey Brown, Sienna, Ember, Shadow, Natural Cedartone, Natural Cedar Honey, Sequioa, Pine Cone and Hickory Bark
  • Contains Sunseal Sunscreen for UV protection
  • Citronella oil naturally repels mosquitos
  • Chew Stop, natural pepper additive for repelling animals 
  • Water repellent--Contains Dupont PTFE to repel water and protect against weather erosion
  • Easy to apply
  • Wet on wet application

Rymar Xtreme Wood Sealer is a high solids oil based coating that gives wood a rich, beautiful semi-transparent look.  It is a wet on wet coating that will last for years.  We incorporate special ultra violet absorbers to help retard premature graying of wood along with ultra viloet stabilizers and we use special pigments and other proprietary additives to help block out any other ultra violet light that may penetrate through to the surface.  We have incorporated Citronella oil as a natural mosquito repellent.  Contains a natural pepper additive, that may help prevent animals from chewing on wood.  Helps discourage bothersome bees, bugs, spiders and birds which might otherwise cause damage to your wood. 

Other so called water repellent wood coatings can't match the water beading qualities of our coating. This product gives superior water protection.  While most others last for a very short time, ours beads like nothing you've seen before.  In order to help stabilize wood, you must keep out moisture and Rymar Xtreme is the product for the job.

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