SEVEN’S Endure Ceramic Lo-Sheen Paint Exterior 100% Acrylic House Paint

Photo for SEVEN’S Endure Ceramic Lo-Sheen Paint

Why you’ll love it

  • Rich lo sheen appearance
  • Ceramic Technology
  • 100% Acrylic Resin Technology
  • Hard, dense film that is easily cleaned
  • Resists dirt & stains
  • Easy to apply

Seven's Endure Ceramic Lo-Sheen House Paint utilizes Graham Paint's ceramic technology for long lasting quality.  The combination of ceramic technology and 100% acrylic resin technology provides a hard dense yet flexible film that does not pick up dirt easily and is readily cleaned.  The acrylic resin adheres to just about any substrate.  The Lo Sheen formula is great for the main body of buildings and gives a richness to the color of the paint.

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