MODERN MASTERS Texture Effects Water Base selfsealing texture medium

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Why you’ll love it

  • Self priming
  • Tintable
  • Plaster like medium
  • Self Sealing
  • Multilple texture effects

One powerful can: prime, fill, smooth, texture, color, seal. This versatile product is a water base, acrylic, tintable, plaster-like medium that is ideal for raised relief, dimensional stenciling, and heavy distressed textures, but it goes way beyond that. It can be used to fill existing textures (orange peel and knock-down) and correct wall imperfections without shrinking or cracking during the drying process. It’s self-priming and tintable, eliminating extra steps in our finish. Texture Effects is also self-sealing, so once dry, it can be over-glazed without the worry of it absorbing the glaze. This is truly one powerful can.

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