ZINSSER Paper Tiger Scoring Tool Single Head Wallpaper Scoring Tool

Photo for ZINSSER Paper Tiger Scoring Tool

Why you’ll love it

  • Scores an entire room in minutes
  • Perforates wallcovering to allow wallpaper removal to penetrate
  • Eliminates the need for steamers
  • Patented scoring action speeds removal

PaperTiger Scoring Tool for wallpaper removal. Tears and lifts small pieces of wallpaper surface, so the wallpaper stripper can penetrate to loosen wallpaper and wet the old glue that holds the paper to the wall. Eliminates sanding, makes the whole job easier and faster.  Paper Tiger Wallcovering Scoring Tool perforates waterproof wallcoverings so remover solution can penetrate and resolubilize paste. Patented scoring disks open surface holes to let DIF penetrate and attack the paste. With Paper Tiger, scoring becomes faster, easier and safer for both worker and wall.

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