WOOSTER Shergrip R501 Soft Blue Handled Roller Frame

Photo for WOOSTER Shergrip R501

Why you’ll love it

  • Soft blue Shergrip handle adds comfort and threaded for extension pole use
  • Sturdy 5 wire cage with blue polypropylene endcaps
  • Galvanized 1/4 Inch shank
  • Perfect for hot or tired hands
The Wooster 501 frame adds comfort while painting. Made with soft elastomeric material and durable polypropylene, the grip resists solvents, cleans easily, and won't swell or crack. Redesigned to fit more snugly in the hand with a slightly larger width and a molded thumb grove. To reduce twisting when used on extension poles, a rim of Shergrip material at the bottom of the handle helps it lock onto threads.

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