WOOSTER Pro/Doo-Z Professional 3 Pack Roller Covers 3/8” RR642 3 pack 3/8" Nap Shed Resistant Woven Fabric Roller Cover

Photo for WOOSTER Pro/Doo-Z Professional 3 Pack Roller Covers 3/8” RR642

Why you’ll love it

  • Shed-resistant for all paints, enamels, primers, urethanes, epoxies
  • Proprietary high-density white fabric with a golden pinstripe stays resilient, resists matting for the smoothest professional finish
  • Green™ double-thick polypropylene core resists water, solvents, and cracking
  • For Medium Surfaces
  • 3 - 3/8" nap in 9" size  

Wooster builds the ultimate performance standards into Pro/Doo-Z. The dense, high-capacity fabric has interlocked fibers to prevent shedding. No other roller produces a smoother finish. It features the same top-quality white fabric with the golden pinstripe as the day it was introduced. Pro/Doo-Z provides excellent results with the most demanding coatings: industrial enamels, epoxy floor finishes, moisture-cure or catalyzed urethanes. The coverage is flawless with all common paints and finishes. Pro/Doo-Z resists matting and stays resilient through a full day of use.

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