WOOSTER Big Ben Frame BR045 18" Roller Frame

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Why you’ll love it

  • For 18 Inch roller covers with 1 1/2 Inch standard or 2 1/4 Inch jumbo Diameter and can be used with all nap heights
  • Lightweight yet strong polypropylene construction
  • Quickly install or remove the roller cover no hardware to adjust no tools required
  • Reinforced threads and is Sherlock GT compatible
The Big Ben frame is ready to paint in seconds with any 18-roller cover, standard or jumbo diameter. Cover installation and removal is quick and easy since there's no hardware to adjust or tools required. The extra-strong polypropylene construction means the frame is tough, rust-proof, and a breeze to clean. Lock the Big Ben onto a Sherlock GT pole for no-twist painting, or use it with any threaded extension handle.  Saves time by covering twice as much area with 1 stroke. Works with all Wooster 18" roller covers and extension poles. Extra strong design holds the roller securely so it won't slip off during use. The cover is easy to install or remove, no hardware to ad

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