W.M. BARR Good Bye Cracks Aerosol Elastic Crack Cover

Photo for W.M. BARR Good Bye Cracks

Why you’ll love it

  • Permanent solution to stress cracks
  • Easy to use, with convenient spray applicator
  • Conforms to the surface, with no brush marks, knife lines or stippling
  • Crack repair in a can!

The fast, easy way to make sure the repairs you make to cracks in plaster, drywall and wood stay repaired. Just spray Good-Bye Cracks® over the repaired area. It goes on like paint, but dries to form an elastic cover that's flexible - to keep cracks from reappearing.  Use it on: Plaster, Drywall, Concrete, Wood, and Masonry – and say Good-bye to cracks once and for all!  Repairing cracks with only spackle or other rigid compounds is not enough to keep them from reappearing. Continued movement will simply break the repair, and cause the cracks to appear again and again.

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