TSP Trisodium Phosphate All Purpose Heavy Duty Cleaner

Photo for TSP Trisodium Phosphate

Why you’ll love it

  • Non sudsing powder
  • Heavy duty professional cleaner
  • Mildew and mildew stain remover
  • Great exterior cleaner 
  • Available in 1 pound and 4 1/2 pound boxes

A non-sudsing powdered Trisodium Phosphate compound that is formulated for heavy duty cleaning.  Preferred by painting and cleaning professionals for removing heavy deposits of greasy grime, smoke, soot stains and chalked paint from walls, woodwork and floors.  Removes mildew and mildew stains when mixed with bleach.  Cleans and prepares surfaces for repainting.  Also recommended for washing away paint remover sludge.

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