TRIMACO Red Rosin Paper 35” x 166’ Multi Purpose Building Paper

Photo for TRIMACO Red Rosin Paper 35” x 166’

Why you’ll love it

  •  Economical protective covering over new floors prior to completion
  • Compatible with coal tar and asphalt based roofing systems
  • Covers gaps in jointed construction
  • Specially designed to resist bleeding
  • Good general purpose jobsite protective utility paper
  • Roll size is 35" x 166'

Red Rosin Paper is a high quality, single-ply sheathing paper, which is widely used in built-up roofing systems as a “first layer” protective barrier. This environmentally friendly paper is manufactured from 100% recycled fibers. The fibers are set in alum to resist bleeding. It is a multi-purpose building paper used as a physical barrier protection throughout all phases of general construction.   


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