SHUR-LINE Premium Edger 00500 Edging Tool for Painting

Photo for SHUR-LINE Premium Edger 00500

Why you’ll love it

  • Eliminates taping
  • Retractable guide for mess-free loading
  • Quick eject pad release button
  • Threaded for pole attachment
  • Perfect for: edging walls, ceilings, windows and baseboards
  • Premium woven pad paints up to 8 ft without reloading

Edge like a pro with Shur Line's Premium Edger.  Perfect for edging walls, ceilings, windows and baseboards.  Use with refill pads for quick color changes and easier clean up. Shur-Line Premium Paint Edger enables fast, easy clean trimming around windows, doors, moldings, and cabinets. It is an especially great tool for ceiling lines. Premium quality tool provides clean, crisp paint lines. The pivoting head allows easy corner trim changes. Guiding wheels accurately trim along ceilings, windows, moldings, and doorways. Standard threaded end to attach extension handle.

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