SHUR-LINE Gallon Can Paint Pourer Reusable Paint Pourer

Photo for SHUR-LINE Gallon Can Paint Pourer

Why you’ll love it

  • Eliminates messy paint can rims
  • Flexible reusable plastic
  • High sides for less mess
  • No drip spout for easy pouring
  • Makes stirring easy
End messy paint cans forever with this no drip spout. Flexible plastic construction. High sides for no mess pouring, mixing and stirring. Easy to add colorant, and stir, increases gallon can capacity by 25-percent. Easy clean up and reusable.  A single construction polyethylene spout that fits snugly in any standard U.S. gallon or 4 litre can. The no drip spout makes pouring easy and the paint pourer enlarges can volume for adding paint additives without a mess and simpler stirring.

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