PURDY Ox O Angular Angular Ox Hair and China Bristle Brush for Oil Based Clears and Enamels

Photo for PURDY Ox O Angular

Why you’ll love it

  • Works for all oil based paints, enamels, varnishes, polyurethanes and lacquers
  • All natural hardwood handle
  • Blended Ox Hair and White China Bristle
  • Rattail handle
  • Available in 2" and 2 1/2" sizes

Ox-hair is the softest, most supple natural bristle Purdy uses for its handcrafted brushes. It is carefully blended with the softest White China bristle for just the right amount of resiliency. These extraordinary painting tools are perfect for ultra-fine enamel and varnish projects where an ultra smooth, exquisite finish is desired. Whether it's fine artist work, enameling or staining of doors, fine furniture, cabinetry or baseboards, nothing can match the mirror finish provided by these extra soft bristle brushes.

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