PURDY BRUSH White Dove 3/8” High Density Woven Roller Cover

Photo for PURDY BRUSH White Dove 3/8”

Why you’ll love it

  • One of Purdy's most popular covers
  • For use with all paints
  • Interior or Exterior applications
  • Gives a very smooth finish
  • Available in 3/8" nap by 9" length, 3/8" nap by 14" length  

Purdy's most popular roller covers … use with all paints and exterior stains, especially where a smooth, lint free finish is desired. White Dove™ series features a high density woven cover, made of Dralon®, a derivative of nylon, which enables the paint to flow freely into and out of the cover for easy rolling and a high quality finish. White Dove™ covers feature thousands of miniature flagged filaments so paint leaves from thousands of tiny surfaces for a smooth, virtually perfect finish. The high density acrylic fiber is also capable of carrying large quantity of paint, leading to improved efficiency and productivity.

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