PETOSKEY PLASTICS Grip N Guard Self Adhering Masking Film

Photo for PETOSKEY PLASTICS Grip N Guard

Why you’ll love it

  • Self adhering masking film
  • Dust particles cling to plastic for easy cleanup
  • Great for any construction project
  • .4 mil thickness with 3 plys
  • 9' x 400' roll size

Grip-n-Guard™ is a new, multi-layer high-density polyethylene film specially designed for construction, remodeling and home improvement projects. GripNGuard clings to virtually any surface with minimal or no taping required. The outer surface of GripNGuard has been tested to retain dust three times better than most plastic drop cloths. Dust, paint, sawdust and other airborne particles cling to the GripNGuard surface and are not reintroduced to the area during repositioning or cleanup. That means less clean up time, lower costs and higher profits.

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