NORTON NoFil Durite Sandpaper Silicon Carbide Abrasive Sanding Sheet

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Why you’ll love it

  • No-Fil Durite A413 Sheets – good general purpose light-weight paper sheet choice
  • Sharp silicon carbide abrasive is excellent for finishing
  • Penetrates dense, hard materials (glass, ceramics, etc.)
  • B-wt paper backing is flexible, yet durable
  • Stearated (No-Fil), open coat reduces loading
  • Available in 100A, 120A, 150A, 180A and 220A grits

Norton's No-Fill Durite Sandpaper is a good general purpose lightweight sanding sheet for finishing.  For sanding between coats of primers and other finishes. The combination of sharp silicon carbide abrasive, a strong resin bond and special anti-clog coating gives it increased sanding life in dry applications. Use the A-weight version when looking for a high flexibility backing for longer life and increased performance.

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