MICHIGAN LADDER ClimbPro 2 in 1 Platform Ladder Platform Accessory

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Why you’ll love it

  • Provides a 11" x 11 1/4" Standing surface
  • Can also be used as a shelf for tools or paint
  • Perforated step platform provides a non slip surface
  • Makes working on a ladder much more comfortable

The Climb-Pro 2 in 1 Platform provides an 11" x 11 1/4" standing surface to make working on a Climb-Pro ladder more comfortable in all of its configurations. It can also be used as a utility shelf for tools, paint or fixtures when the ladder is in the stepladder or stairway positions. It can be placed on any rung on which you can stand, except the bottom 2 rungs. Made from high strength steel with a perforated step platform providing a non-slip surface. It is painted and the bottom edges are covered with vinyl for protection and to provide easy gliding over the rungs.

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