MICHIGAN LADDER 6’ Wood Ladder Extra Heavy Industrial Step Ladder

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Why you’ll love it

  • Strong Southern Yellow Pine construction
  • Heavy duty angle bracing
  • Exclusive silk finish
  • American made

All of our wood ladders have our exclusive "Silk Finish" that truly separates our wood ladders from the rest. No more splinters or cracks. You can trust Michigan Ladder to create and build only the highest quality wood ladders from the best selection of wood available. When you are relying on a ladder to be safe and secure, you can rely on us.

Michigan Ladder's 6' Wood Step Ladder is constructed from strong southern yellow pine, heavy duty wrap around top irons, metal to metal hinge, for strength and durability, heavy duty angle bracing-additional braces on 6' size and longer, strong yet lightweight front and back legs. Exclusive Michigan Ladder Silk Finish. 8' 24-3/4" Type 1A

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