HF STAPLES Miracle Wood Filler Quick Dry Wood Filler

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Why you’ll love it

  • Quick dry formula
  • Easily accepts stains
  • Made from real wood fibers
  • Sands after just a few minutes
  • Available in 1/4 and 1/2 pound sizes

As one of the most trusted brands among woodworking pros, everyday original Miracle Wood Quick-Dry Fillers earns its 50 year-old reputation for superior staining performance. Made from two grades of natural wood fibers and a blend of fillers, Miracle Wood Quick-Dry creates a patch that is strong, yet porous enough to absorb stain to match the surrounding woodwork. Because it accepts stain so well, Miracle Wood comes in one natural color - not a whole range of colors like many other brands.

Miracle Wood is formulated for quick set-up and drying, so in just a few minutes it is ready for sanding, planing, staining, painting, etc.  Professional woodworkers use Miracle Wood because it lets them complete their projects quickly without sacrificing the high quality results they demand.

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