W.M.BARR Goof Off Professional Strength Professional Strength Miracle Remover

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Why you’ll love it

  • For removing tough spots and stains quickly
  • Useful in the garage, workshop and outdoors
  • Removes latex paint splatter and spots
  • Removes sticker, tape and label residue
  • Removes ink stains, scuff marks, marker, crayon, gum, lipstick, nail polish, decals, tar, candle wax
  • Available in 4.5 oz and 16 oz bottles
  • 12 oz size comes as an aerosol spray

Goof Off Professional Strength is the Miracle Remover that cuts through the toughest spots and stains quickly.  It even removes spots that would otherwise ruin materials, surfaces and tools.  Use it to eliminate costly messes and mistakes around the garage, workshop and outdoors.   

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