FLOOD Floetrol Latex Paint Additive

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Why you’ll love it

  • For interior or exterior latex paints
  • Helps latex paint flow better, eliminating brush marks when painting
  • Allows paint to adjust to difficult weather conditions, such as extreme hot and cold temperatures or high humidity
  • Extends paint's drying time to create faux finishing effects
  • Lubricates paint to reduce friction and wear and tear on spray gun parts and tips
  • Will not dilute or change paint color
  • Available in quart or gallon sizes

Floetrol Latex Paint Additive improves the performance of latex paint and keeps projects flowing smoothly. It gives latex paint the feel of oil paint, without the cleanup hassles. Floetrol is a latex paint conditioner, not a thinner. It maintains and fortifies the qualities of latex paint, unlike water. It also improves the coverage of most paints, providing an exceptional value for the money. It extends the wet edge of the paint, which gives you the time to create the look you want or correct the mistakes you've made.

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