CORONADO Maxum-Prep Wood Stripper Professional Spray Formula Deck and Wood Stripper Concentrate

Photo for CORONADO Maxum-Prep Wood Stripper

Why you’ll love it

  • Removes acrylic or oil based stains and clear finishes
  • Prepares surface for recoating
  • Removes water tannin and mildew stains
  • Concentrated formula

MAXUM-PREP Professional Spray Formula Deck & Wood Stripper- is a concentrated formula that makes up to 10 gallons, with a suggested dilution ratio of 1:1. This biodegradable spray formula stripper was developed to remove acrylic and solvent based stains and transparent wood finishes from pine, cedar, redwood, and pressure treated lumber decks, fencing, and siding.  MAXUM-PREP can be used on all types of acrylic and solvent based stains that have been applied to pressure treated wood, cedar, pine, redwood, and T-111 siding on both vertical and horizontal surfaces

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