ALLPRO Gold Professional Masking Tape For Brush, Roll or Spray Application

Photo for ALLPRO Gold Professional Masking Tape

Why you’ll love it

  • Professional tape for brush, roll or spray
  • Good conformity to irregularly shaped surfaces
  • Great construction product
  • Ideal for masking windows, metal door jambs, molding and trim and industrial masking
  • Available in 1", 1 1/2" and 2" sizes
  • Roll length is 60 yards

AllPro Gold Masking Tape is a professional painter's tape for multiple applications. Designed for commercial and residential painting and construction, industrial masking, holding and packaging. It is a paint and sundries industry standard. Allpro Gold Tape is good for applications where conformity to irregularly-shaped surfaces and good quick stick are required. Typical surfaces the tape is used on include windows, metal door jams, and molding and trim.

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