3M Hand-Masker Pre-Folded Masking Film Plus MF72 Professional Masking Plastic

Photo for 3M Hand-Masker Pre-Folded Masking Film Plus MF72

Why you’ll love it

  • Flake-resistant masking film for paint masking and overspray protection
  • Pre-folded, masking film for use with hand-masker
  • High-density, nonporous film; may be used with lacquers
  • Includes 180 feet of masking film
  • Measures 72 inches-by-90-feet (WxL) when unfolded

The 3M 72-inch-by-90-foot hand-masker pre-folded masking film is a high-density, nonporous film used for paint masking and over spray protection. It is ideal for a variety of locations. This masking film may be used with lacquers and is flake resistant for multiple-coat use. It is translucent, allowing light to pass through masked windows and doors. The paint brush symbol warns others of wet paint so you don't have to. Static cling keeps the film in place, even in windy conditions or when using spray equipment. This masking film measures 72-inches-by-90-feet.

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